Race Logistics

Registration and Packet Pickup

Registration will be via this website only. The last day of registration is September 15, 2018. Registration after the closing date or on-site at the Championship (minimum of 2 days before your race) may be accepted on a case by case basis for a fee of $100 per event.

Packet pickup will be at the velodrome from October 5, 2018, noon through October 9, 5pm. You must show your UCI race license to get your packet. Please confirm that your events are properly recorded and that your personal information (name, license, country, team, etc) are correct in the registration database.

Please pick up your packet at least one day before your first race.



The Championship organizer will carry the UCI required insurance. Each racer is responsible for their own other insurances (medical/accident, travel, personal property, etc.).

Event List, Sign-In and Start Order

The event list (order of events) will be posted at the event table near the entrance to the infield.

There will not be sign in sheets for each race the day of the race, as there has been in previous years. If you are planning to scratch from a race, you must do so by noon the day before the race. Racers who fail to officially scratch from a race may be fined.

The start list for the races in each session will be posted at the beginning of the session. If you are not on the start list and believe that you should be, notify the person at the event table immediately.

For races with two racers per heat, the racer listed first on the start sheet will start on the front stretch and the second listed racer starts on the back stretch. If you are alone in your heat, you will start on the front stretch.

Track Infield Security

There will be monitors to verify that only racers and personnel with infield passes are on the infield. Make sure to carry your badge when exiting the infield to allow your re-entry.

It is your responsibility to secure all of your equipment when it is at the track. We strongly suggest that all equipment that is left at the track overnight be locked.

Bike boxes can be securely stored. See the Entry page.

Team Sprint and Team Pursuit Registration

Enter these events as an individual on the Entry page of this web site.

Following your arrival at the Championship, e-mail the team name and team members (name, bib number) to the Championship Director at trsmith@velosportscenter.com. As an alternative, you may give this information in writing to the personnel at the registration table near the entry to the track. The e-mail or written information must be submitted a minimum of 2 days prior to your race.

If you want to race these races but don’t have all team members or team name specified when you complete your entry, you should still enter these races and identify your team to us following your arrival at the Championship. There will be no refunds if you cannot find a team. Note the regulations for all members of the team being from the same country.

Race Seeding

Racers will be seeded for the timed events (200-500-750-1000m time trial, pursuit, team sprint, team pursuit) based on their previous results at world championships, best time and at the discretion of the Race official. If you have not attended the world championships before, you will be seeded at the discretion of the Race official, based on the available information. In general, the faster racers are seeded in the later heats.

Bike Inspection

Bike inspections will be performed before each session and upon request by the officials of the Championship. Each bike will be weighed and the proper dimensions confirmed using a standard jig. Acceptable dimensions and weight are per the UCI requirements. The UCI allowed exemptions will be honored.

Race Session Protocol

The following protocols will be following during each race session:

  • The track will be open approximately 90 minutes before the start of each session for warmup/training. The protocols specified below for rider safety will be followed. The track will close approximately 10 minutes before the start of each session.
  • For warmup/training the number of riders and amount of time will be monitored.
  • Bike inspections will be performed as specified above.
  • The warmup circle can be used at slow speeds.
  • For races with two racers/teams per heat, the racer listed first on the start sheet will start on the front stretch and the second listed racer starts on the back stretch. If you are alone in your heat, you start on the front stretch.
  • You are expected to be in the correct start area a minimum of 2 heats before your heat. If you are late, you may be fined for delaying the session.

Anti-Doping Control

Anti-doping control testing will be performed by USADA personnel. All racers are subject to anti-doping controls and may be tested at the sole discretion of the anti-doping personnel at any time during the Championship.

The anti-doping control station for the championship will be located at the Stubhub Center Tennis Stadium.

The protocol for the anti-doping control is as follows:

  • The notices for required anti-doping testing will be posted at South velodrome tunnel corkboard after each race. It is the racers responsibility to review the notices and report to the anti-doping station if they are listed.
  • Racers who are selected for testing must bring with them their racing license and one form of photographic identification.
  • Chaperones will be used, when practical. However, it is still the responsibility of each racer to review the posted notices to determine whether they are subject to testing. Absence of a chaperone is not a justifiable excuse for not attending the anti-doping testing.
  • Riders who are required to attend the anti-doping control are requested to do so as soon as possible after the completion of the race, with a maximum of 30 minutes allowed after the completion of the race. A delay of up to 45 minutes is acceptable for a medal ceremony.

Best performance (World or National record) anti-doping testing will be performed as specified below. All world record performances require anti-doping testing to be ratified. The requirement for anti-doping testing for national records is as required by each nation.

  • The rider or his/her manager must request the testing before or immediately after the ride. The request is made to TBD.
  • The rider should present themselves to the anti-doping official immediately after the ride that they want to be ratified. A chaperone will be assigned to the rider, as available.
  • Failure to follow this protocol may result in the refusal of the request for testing.

Additional questions during the Championship should be addressed to the anti-doping control officials.

Track Protocol During Warmup and Training

There will be a limited number of riders on the track during the warmup and training sessions. The track protocol during warmup and training sessions is as follows:

  • Slower warm up will be done at the blue line or above. There will be no warmups in the sprint lane.
  • The sprint lane is for fast efforts.
  • Look before getting on the track and before changing your position on the track.
  • Normally, you will hold your line. It is the responsibility of the overtaking rider to avoid any slower rider. Do not change your position on the track if you hear a rider overtaking you.

This protocol is for your safety. Riders who do not following this protocol will receive a warning. Multiple violations may result in the removal of a rider from the track and/or this championship event.


Victory Ceremony

There will be a victory ceremony for each race at the time specified by the Championship organizer. The first three racers/teams are required to attend the victory ceremony. The winning racer/team will receive a gold medal and championship jersey. The second and third place racers/teams will receive silver and bronze medals, respectively.

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