Race Entry

Details concerning the entry are as follows:

  • Register for the events that you are racing.
  • Suppose you are racing the Team Sprint and/or the Team Pursuit; register for these races as an individual. The team members and team name will be given to the race organizer or Officials after you arrive at the Championship.


Support items and activities can be purchased as identified below. Note the following clarifications:

  • *Due to Covid 19, Individual Events will be $150/Event for 2021.
  • Infield passes are valid for all of the training and racing sessions. Racers will receive badges, and separate infield passes are not required.
  • Training sessions are organized by endurance and sprint, with gate training the last 20min of each session. Please book the correct training session. Training sessions are 2 hours.
  • The roller and trainer rentals are for all of the training and racing sessions.


Register Now Ad-Ons

Registration is now OPEN!

F200m Sprint Qualification/Sprints USD$150
Time Trial USD$150
Scratch Race Qualification/Final USD$150
Points Race Qualification/Final USD$150
Individual Pursuit USD$150
Team Sprint USD$75
Team Persuit USD$75

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